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About us
Lavora on noi

The timeline shows the milestones of Massa Group's history from its origin to the present day, the passion and vocation for beauty gave birth to numerous activities and events.

Massa Company represents one of the best-known business of Puglia in selling clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and children from the most important national and international fashion brands. Over the last fifty years the pursuit of excellence and commitment in taking care of services created for clients have been handed down from one generation to another, allowing the name of Massa to remain synonymous with quality and style. The Company’s strengths are the synergy which comes out the different stores - all located near Corso Messapia in Martina Franca - and the exclusive control by Massa family which ensure continuity and stability on the basis of a common ethical commitment.

Boutique Massa

Here a frame of the central Corso Messapia street at the beginning of '30.

Boutique Massa anni 30

Noble palaces of '900, a few steps away from the famous historic centre realized in Baroque style, which still house the elegant Massa Boutiques. And it is right on this street that a young Francesco Massa begun his career as dressmaker with very basic tools and equipments at that time: a scissors, a sewing needle and a sewing thread. The history of the Company begin in the late '50 when a small tailoring shop was opened in Martina Franca by Francesco Massa. It quickly becomes a trusted locally reference point for the gentlemen at the time. Eminent people of the city, demanding men, fascinated on fine tailor clothing, crowd in to get an appointment with gold hands craftsman and to buy a Massa custom-made product realized with the finest quality fabrics and with great attention to details.

Boutique Massa anni 50

Francesco Massa was a careful craftsman of fine dress, passionate and a pioneer in researching new trends but linked at the same time to a pure tradition of quality and craftsmanship. In the course of the next decade Francesco Massa takes part in first "romantic" fashion exhibition and he gets awards at national level.

Boutique Massa anni 80

The 80s: time of great trade and business vigor wherein every idea is open to success. And so in those years Francesco Massa lays the foundations for what would become the Massa Company: the transformation of the tailor's shop into a Boutique of clothing and the acquisition of new space for exhibition and sales. In 1980 the first Massa Boutique was opened in Via Vito Bascio, where Francesco Massa sets up a circle of loyal customers to whom he offers a new way of dressing: the Pret - à - Porter! Elegance, quality, passion for details and professionalism in customer relations are the cornerstones on which Francesco Massa develops his style and grows the reputation of the Boutique. Values handed down through the years and arrived intact this day thanks to the high competence gained in the course of the time.

Boutique Massa anni 84

The vocation for quality and elegance push Francesco Massa to represents the art of women's fashion inside his Boutique. It was the 1984 when the Company presents its first demanding and exclusive selection of Pret - à – Porter collections for sophisticated and elegant women.

Boutique Massa anni 86

In June 1986 the Company opened a new Boutique in the prestigious Holiday Village at "Rosa Marina" of Ostuni, one of the landmark of the elite tourism of Puglia. The opening of this exclusive Boutique was another innovative and successfully ideas realized at the time by the Company. The Boutique (open during the summertime only) offers a careful selection of clothing, footwear and accessories at customers service who do not want to opt out the elegance and comfort of the best national and international clothing and accessories fashion brands also on holiday.

Boutique Massa anni 89

Entirely owned and managed by Massa family, the Company becomes Ltd rising over the years during which time new stores were opened and others completely renovated. In fact, in a few seasons spaces become insufficient. So it was opened the new Boutique at 57 of Corso Messapia, a prestigious location on three floors housing the more valuable and refined Italian and foreign collections. The new temple of the global fashion that remind the warm and refined atmosphere of London boutiques, with sober and exclusive furniture wood entirely made.

Boutique Massa nel 2000

Shortly afterwards, at the beginning of 2000, the new women proposal find their place at the 44 of Corso Messapia, where very soon give onto the collections dedicated to children.

Boutique Massa nel 2006

In March 2006 it was inaugurated the new Massa Donna Boutique, a location set up with the same profound vocation for quality and elegance which Francesco Massa has exercised his career. A modern and refined space like a trendy fashion parlour always abreast on the times, dedicated to trendy and elegant women. It reflects in its proposals the seasonal fashion trends with balance and class.

Boutique Massa nel 2007

About one year after the successful opening of the Boutique dedicated to women, in September 2007 are shown to the public the seven large shop windows of Massa Piccolo, in which appear the most prestigious brands of clothing and accessories for Babies, Kids and Junior.

After two months, in December 2007, it was opened Massa29: a space between design and recreational where sportswear and denim find their natural place for youthful customers which like urban-style.
Color and design are the basic elements characterizing Massa29 Boutique.
Inside walls are made of perforated sheets and a big "beehive box" in the entrance serve as displayer for the most famous urban & sportswear brands for Man and Woman.
The "ethnic" backlit digital prints contribute to a strong visual impact and the concept Boutique's graphic design is based on colorful and stylized animals.
The multi-brand fashion dealer is aimed at a group of users between 18 and 40 years: in fact the name of Massa 29 Boutique is the arithmetic mean of the two numbers.
Collections are proposed to youthful customers which like urban-style, suggesting total looks that range from denim to demanding sportswear products with the intent to combine quality, innovation, comfort and convenience.
Massa29 Boutique has established itself early in the sportswear scene with a fashionable connotation in the sense less aggressive of the term, driven by a unique style that combines color and plainness, sports and fashion.
Massa29 is a dynamic and multifaceted store not only a simple Boutique of clothing. Always able to reinvent the concept itself of sportswear facing glamorous, artistic and social aspects. It is characterized by sophistication and style combined with a clear vocation for sporty trends.

Boutique Massa nel 2009

Style, commitment, passion and liking for good things: values which guide Massa Boutiques from over 30 years selling men's, women’s and children's clothing and accessories of all major national and international fashion brands and that the Company we shift also on the web, on MASSABOUTIQUE.EU. After a period of study and experimentation the Company has felt the need to propose a new website developed to meet the needs of an increasingly vary customers and physically located in different places and far from Martina Franca, where the elegant Massa Boutiques are located. The Company in confirmation of his thirty-years business and commitment to customers provides, also online, many services and new features. And like so for the Boutiques of the Company it represents a reliable reference point for the most exclusive online shopping.