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The Brand: New Balance
     The story of New Balance begins in Boston in 1906 thanks to William J. Riley, English shoemaker immigrant to Massachusetts, immediately addicted to a project of specific orthotics and footwear for people with foot problems. The brand, now fourth in the world in the production of sneakers for athletes and lifestyle, known and performed all over the world, was born with great attention to health and quality. The first running shoe dates back to 1938: then there was a great production of special shaped models for running, baseball, basket-baseball, tennis and box. After several changes in the ownership and management, the 1961 is decisive for the warehouse. In that year, the  "Trackster” model was introduced as the first running shoe with the sole under the heel and produced in six different widths of the plant. It is a model that marks the sporty history, now shown at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. Its success was immediately extraordinary. The original small company, that in late Sixties daily produced thirty pairs of shoes with six workers, soon begins a worldwide distribution, starting in Denmark, then in Switzerland and finally in Japan. In the 1976, the Runner's World elects the M320 model as the best running shoe in the world. So New Balance officially enters in the world running leading companies. Currently the company, that in 2006 celebrated its centenary, is the fourth in the world and the second in the United States. It operates in a socially responsible way and keeps true to its original values: integrity, teamwork, total customer satisfaction and social responsibility. The production is located both in the US and in the European Union, boasting models named with specific numbers and high quality for men, women and kids.