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The Brand:

Ralph Lauren

        Is there a trend that never goes out of fashion? Which does not age after a season? Who never gets bored in the closet? Yes, there is.  It is the one created by the great American designer Ralph Lauren in 1972 when he launched a short-sleeved cotton shirt available in 24 different colours, whose name was inspired by a sport that embodies a world of discreet elegance and classic style. He designed the Polo shirt. Since then, the iconic polo player that stands on every garment has conquered world markets, setting itself as an example of a sporty, casual and elegant style. The Polo Ralph Lauren line is, in fact, a sportswear designed for men but also for women with classic and aristocratic silhouettes, which has its roots in the so-called preppy style, which gives a timeless, British elegance to everyone who wears it.